sound artist,
producer, dj, 
composer based
in Bern Switzerland


Fiona Rody (1994*) has been immersed in a musical and cultural environment since her earliest years. Growing up in a musician family and first trained as multimedia designer, she later (2021) graduates from the Bern University of the Arts (HKB) in Bachelor Sound Arts.

Heavily influenced by dance music and rave culture, Noria Lilt puts together a bursting mix of the most heterogeneous electronic inspirations.

From clubs to art centers and other live scenes, her practice oscillates between djing, live, composition and production, audiovisual installations and multichannel pieces. Her production and composition process tends towards acousmatic and experimental music, with a delicate and unique sound design.

SMEM coordinator and TRNSTN RADIO co-founder, she is an important figure and an active member of the cultural, nightlife and musical scenes of Fribourg.

In all her facets, she presents powerful messages in a captivating hybrid universe.


 © Mehdi Benkler

Mehdi Benkler ©